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Any donation is appreciated and helps. We’ve designed a couple extra perks to donating. Here are 5 ways to donate:

1.  Do you have an Amazon Prime account? There are four ways you can donate to us at no cost to you. Use when using Amazon and make Game4CF your charity by clicking the Smile button below. 

2. Another way to donate to us at no cost to you is use Twitch Prime. For directions, click here for a step by step tutorial (it should only take you a minute or 2). Remember, this doesn’t cost you anything but it does help us out and you can do it every 30 days!

3. You can use the button below to donate with Paypal, Credit or Debit. If you donate while we are live, there will be a special thank you included in the stream. There are other ways to donate as well, if you are local to the Metro Detroit area we accept cash donations as well as donations through Venmo.

4. You can purchase a ticket for one of our LAN events here or purchase some of our merchandise which you can find here.

All donation contribute toward our Hot One’s and Sing It Challenge which we do at our annual LAN event.

Hot One’s Challenge – (No minimum, adds to tier) All donations build toward our Hot Ones Challenge. Our board of directors will eat increasingly hotter wings based on total donations.

Sing It Challenge  – If you are donating $20 or more, add your artist, song and who you’d like to sing in the donation message.