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About Us

What we do…

We host video game streaming events to benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. All donations collected during our events are forwarded on to the CFF. No donations are kept for administrative costs for Game4CF. All internal costs are self-funded by our board and event contributors.

What is CF?

In people with CF, a defective gene causes a thick, sticky buildup of mucus in the lungs, pancreas, and other organs. In the lungs, the mucus clogs the airways and traps bacteria leading to infections, extensive lung damage, and eventually, respiratory failure. In the pancreas, the mucus prevents the release of digestive enzymes that allow the body to break down food and absorb vital nutrients.

There are currently about 30,000 people living with cystic fibrosis in the United States alone, while more than 75% of the patients are diagnosed by age two. In addition, statistics reveal that approximately 1,000 new cases of CF are diagnosed in the country each year. However, the diagnosis of the disease is still often delayed or mistakenly conducted and, according to the study “Misdiagnosis of Cystic Fibrosis,” the rate of misdiagnosis is about four percent. On the other hand, life expectancy for patients with CF has greatly increased in the past years. According to CFF’s National Patient Registry, about half of the patients are older than 18, and the median age of survival for a person with CF is currently 33.4 years, with patients living into their fifties or sixties. This is a great improvement since only thirty years ago, a CF patient was not expected to reach adulthood.