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100% of donations go toward Cystic Fibrosis research, drug development and specialized care

Sing It Challenge  – If you are donating $20 or more, add your artist, song and who you’d like to sing in the donation message.

Hot One’s Challenge – (No minimum, adds to tier) All donations build toward our Hot Ones Challenge. Our board of directors will eat increasingly hotter wings based on total donations.

You can use the button below to donate with Paypal, Credit or Debit. If you donate while we are live, there will be a special thank you included in the stream. There are other ways to donate as well, if you are local to the Metro Detroit area we accept cash donations as well as donations through Venmo.

How can we help your stream? If you’d like to help contribute to the stream you can help spread the word about us, join us for events or subscribe/cheer our Twitch account. All proceeds from Twitch subscribes/cheer are put back into the organization and will never be used as a wage. This will help cover things like: hardware, webspace, domain, event raffle prizes and maybe a taco for the guys participating in the events. No direct donations will be used for these administrative costs, only Twitch subscribes and cheers.